Hi There, I'm Rachel...

and I am the outnumbered woman in the above photo. I own and run my business Rastle Photography where my passion is to capture your Wedding Day in the most natural way possible. Some facts about me:

1. I LOVE all things Wedding.

2. Natural Light is PERFECT to me - there have been far too many times to count where the light has been amazing so I have shoved everyone out the door for a random photo opportunity.

3. I am a Mummy to the cutie above - his name is Teddy and he is the light of my life.

4. I am a TV addict - oops! 9 times out of 10 you will find me binging on a great show once Teddy has gone to bed - So if you love a good Netflix series, then we will get along perfectly.

5. I absolutely ADORE being outdoors - so if you need to find me in the daytime, I will normally be in the woods behind my house with my camera and Teddy (perfect right?)


So Why Choose Me?

As I said before, Weddings are my thing. I love seeing the dresses, the amazing venues but most of all, I LOVE seeing everyone's happy faces throughout the day - can there be anything better than seeing all of that joy?

So I am a natural Wedding Photographer, meaning that I mainly use Natural light, capture ALOT of candid photos throughout the day and allow the day to unfold as is happens and not control it. I believe that your memories of your day should be natural ones and not be flashbacks to a photographer arranging that particular moment - so natural laughs, smiles and moments will be in there making the photos even more precious.

I am a very laid back photographer who will try my best to make you laugh and feel relaxed at all times, especially during your couple portraits - I hate being out of my comfort zone and have a terrible 'picture face' myself when I am forced to smile, so I would never make you do what I wouldn't do myself.


What Next?

So does this perfect to you and someone who you would like to be a part of your day? Why not get in touch via my Contact Form and we can chat all things Wedding !

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